Bath Time for New Mums


Bathing your baby can be nerve racking the first few times you do it. However, it will soon become a fun part of caring for your baby. I love bath time, as my children all seem to really enjoy it. So, it is not just about keeping them clean, but also about having some fun interaction with your baby.

Bath Time Tips

  • Get everything ready beforehand. There is nothing worse than having a wet slippery baby in your arms and then realizing you do not have a towel to hand.
  • Involve your partner and older children. It is a great time to bond as a family.
  • When your baby is small, make sure their head and neck is fully supported.
  • Only use bath products intended for babies to avoid irritating the skin and eyes.
  • If possible, when the baby is newborn you should use a baby bath rather than the family bath. This will avoid straining your back when leaning over.

Handy Items

  • As your baby grows they will probably enjoy having some bath tops to play with. Make sure you buy age appropriate toys by checking the packaging. Most babies will enjoy toys that pour or squirt and are colourful.
  • A non-slip mat can be useful, especially when your baby starts sitting or trying to pull themselves up against things. Similarly, a baby bath seat can be useful as your child can sit up independently in the water.
  • Of course you still cannot leave them alone in the bath, but it does free up your hands to play with them or grab any equipment you need.
  • Once you have a baby you have a lot of extra equipment and accessories that need storing. In terms of bath time, a bath tidy that sticks to the wall is a good way of keeping toys tidy. A cupboard or small shelving unit is ideal for keeping your baby’s towels and toiletries on.

Bath Safety

The safety and well-being of your baby is paramount at all times and bath time poses a number of risks. Here are some tips to keep your baby safe;

  • Put cold water into the bath first as this will reduce the risk of your baby or toddler being scalded.
  • Never under any circumstances leave your baby alone in the bath, even if they are able to sit up unaided.
  • If you have forgotten to fetch a towel, then take the baby with you. Far better the baby is wet and cold than drowned.
  • Do not leave the water running once the baby is in the bath, especially the hot tap.
  • Do not add too much water to the bath. A newborn only needs about five inches of water and once a baby can sit up they need it no higher than waist height.

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