Bath Time Made Better Thanks To My New Kitchen Sink

I love my children, but I’ll be the first to admit that I hate bath time. If you want to give your baby a bath, you’ve either stuck with a massive amount of safety equipment that sits in your bathtub that hurts your back as you lean over the side of the tub… or you’re stuck holding up your newborn in the sink and the faucet doesn’t actually cover the entire child. If I had a nickel for every time I had to splash my newborn to clean off the soap, I’d have a kitchen full of nickels!

With my new pullout kitchen faucet, however, life is a lot better in this area! Sure, I didn’t have the budget to buy one of the best kitchen faucets on the market, but that didn’t stop me from getting something that meets my needs (and my budget). The big I don’t have the back pain from leaning over the bathtub and I can quickly rinse down my child with a gentle spray that makes bath time fun for both of us! I love the giggles and clapping that happen now!

Why Is a Pullout Kitchen Faucet Better?

Bath time is a lot better because of the detachable hose and sprayhead that comes with my new pullout faucet. I get about two feet of extra length, which is the perfect amount of space to help me get the back of my baby’s head washed without causing water to go everywhere. I can also lean my child back in the sink and wash the top of her head so there’s no extra water, soap, or shampoo running into her eyes and causing her irritation.

Maybe it’s a little thing, but I find it to be incredibly important. I use a lot of natural items in our family to limit our chemical exposure, but there’s nasty stuff in just about everything today. Would you want to put formaldehyde into your eyes? I know I sure wouldn’t! And I also wouldn’t want to cause my baby to have the discomfort of these chemical solutions either. The entire setup is nice and easy, letting me make sure that bath time is fun so we can do it again instead of painful and making it become a power struggle.

My Faucet Helps Me Save Water Too!

I’m guilty of wasting a lot of water. Whether it’s cooking or it’s bath time, I tend to just leave the faucet on because I’m too lazy to turn the water on and off in-between the chores I’m doing. With my new faucet, however, I’ve got a little toggle that lets me pause the flow of water coming from the sink and then lock it in. That way if we want to splash around a little during the bath, we can because I’m not wasting water AND I don’t have to turn the faucet completely off.

With just the push of the toggle, I get water when I want it. When I don’t, I can just toggle it to pause again until I come back. Yeah… I’ve got a friend who is a plumber and says I probably shouldn’t be doing this because I’m causing pressure on my plumbing, but for me it’s about establishing new habits. We now have a new bath habit and it’s awesome! I’m also working on a new habit of conserving water and that will help me walk my talk when it comes to the life lessons I’ll be teaching my daughter over time.

I can’t tell you enough how much I love my new pullout kitchen faucet and how it has improved bath time! If you’re tired of leaning over the tub and you don’t have one of these in the kitchen, then get one. It’s a lifesaver!