Making Your Own Kid and Baby Clothes

If you have the sewing bug and crave creative expression, you don’t even need to have little ones to try your hand at making baby and toddler clothing. They are so darn cute for boys and girls alike. You want to buy them just to have them around. Miniature dress with pleats and lace, tiny cargo pants with animal buttons, diminutive jean jackets just like Dad’s. And the precious sweaters are to die for in the softest and sweetest of yarns. I happen to have kids so I can indulge my fantasy for my own family, but somewhere along the way I know there will be birthday and holiday gifts galore.

I was blessed with some dexterity and a natural affinity for working with my hands. This is certainly a big factor in making the decision to sew. If you are clunky and inept, forget it. This is real precision work. Not only do you operate a complicated sewing machine that takes a PhD to understand, but you must thread miniscule needles and tie infinitesimal knots. Then you have to have an artistic eye for fabrics, trim, and colors. You need to recognize quality and learn to select what is suitable for the wearer. Where and how long will it be used? How will it be washed and cared for? Who will see it?

If you go to top-tier children’s boutiques, you will be amazed at the degree of detail and the salute to the latest styles. The boys’ shirts are embroidered with trucks and sci-fi figures. The girls’ dresses are trendy and costly. With so many celebrities having kids, there is an obsession with the ultimate in clothing for their every need. Nothing is too extravagant for star progeny. Not Burberry coats or Prada dress, not Gucci shoes or Dior sunglasses. This is a lesson, for better or worse, in total indulgence. But we watch E! News to find out.

I have my own idea in mind of how I want my kids to look at every age. I will customize it as they grow. It makes sense to start with babies. You don’t need much material! Just make sure it is machine-washable and sturdy as hell. Onesies are great in imported stretch cotton knit. You can graduate to little frocks and pants (elastic waists), tiny shirts and blouses. The fun is in the features: Peter Pan collars, striped polo stops, and smocking (how great that the Brother is programmed to do this so well!).

I might even introduce the kids to the fun of sewing and creating their own clothes or other items. My machine is a bit too complex for them to use, especially as beginners, but I could get a simple kids sewing machine that could be a lot of fun!

Maybe I should open a shop. Ha! Who has time? But I do want to be a part of my children’s appearance while exercising my creative side. Clothing can mold a little being and maybe I can stave off Gothic tees and hideous metallic for a while. Peer pressure is too strong, so I will have to enjoy my handiwork while the kids are quite young. They have no sense of taste, only conformity. So for now, bring on the pinking shears, gather the straight pins, and let’s sew.