My Amazing Hand Mixer

What can be so special about a hand mixer? Aren’t they all the same? We all have one or two, some pretty old as they seem to last longer than we care to have them around. We inherit them from mom. New models beckon to be purchased and any good homemaker wants state of the art. I certainly did and went for one I read about online. The review was sensational so I read about the features and benefits and just had to have it.

I am afraid to reveal the name just yet. I’m not sure you can do that in a blog. I am going to say positive things, so maybe it’s okay. The device I chose has all the bells and whistles—and more. You will like it if you are anything from a gourmet chef to a novice (or somewhere in between like me). It has to be easy to use, not too heavy or clunky, and can handle any task with resilience. It also has to match the sleek gadgets that now populate my upgraded kitchen. In other words, it has to fit in with flair!

It is interesting that they still make the old style. Now they call it vintage. You know, two beaters. Very simple. The big brands, however, have amped them up with hot colors like red and orange. New ones have more speeds. This was a big plus for me, if not a requirement. I don’t want to have to pull out a big stand mixer for every little job. If I want some instant whipped cream for a sundae, I want it fast without fuss.

Being practical, I went for a combination hand mixer and blender model by the inimitable Braun. It is great and does everything well with its multiple attachments. It’s the all-in-one solution for busy on-the-go people. You can mix, blend, chop, and whisk to your heart’s content. Whip egg whites or dice nuts. Your choice. What’s also nice is that the Braun Multi Quick Professional is reasonable in cost and compact in design. It would make a good wedding gift. It even comes with a spatula, measuring cup, and recipe book! Now that’s a real deal.

Now that I’ve got this wonderful new mixer in my kitchen, I’ve been looking at some of the other appliances that I could get and I’ve become fascinated with the idea of getting a bread machine. Some of my friends have them and they cook all sorts of delicious sweet and savoury breads in them, so much so that I always look forward to visiting them and trying their latest creations.

When the time is right, I roll out this magical appliance and get to work. Cooking is more fun when it isn’t so laborious and time consuming. Making pecan pie is a breeze and concocting a yummy smoothie is a joy. You look forward to trying new things when you have the right equipment. Perhaps hand chopping was never your forte. Now it can be with this hybrid mixer. It can make minced meat out of any fruit or vegetable while it attacks meat with ease. You may already own the same accessories separately (especially the cookbook), but it is a great space-saver utilitarian object when you are ready to go for new and better. I am trying to tempt you. I would say that it changed my domestic life.